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The majority of employment relationships in California are “at-will.” But you still have many rights under California and Federal law. You deserve to know your rights!

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, all consumers have certain rights. When any of these rights are violated, the consumer can file a claim against the violator. If you believe your rights under this act have been violated

Every day, numerous California employers mistreat their employees. This mistreatment can take several forms, including everything from health and safety code violations to the failure to pay employees on time.

One of the most important tenets of being a United States citizen is being aware of the many rights you have. Too many people are not knowledgeable of their rights

About Jeff Holmes

If you feel like your employer has wronged you, there is a very good chance that you are eligible to receive compensation. Handling cases of all nature in the employment sector, Holmes Law Group is equipped to help workers spanning the entire state of California. For an employment attorney that knows the ins and outs of his practice area and the successes to prove it, call Jeff Holmes today for a free consultation. He will speak to you personally to fully understand the scope of your situation.

Client Reviews

Excellent lawyer, both in knowledge and client communication. Very hands on, professional and follows through diligently on every issue. I have found working with Jeff not only a pleasure, but an unusually positive experience in the sense that he is honest, responsible and contributes a lot on each issue we have worked.


Very helpful labor lawyer
I called Jeff to consult regarding a wrongful termination case. Jeff was very accommodating and really helpful. I had a lot of questions and he patiently answered each one of them. You can really tell that he cares about his clients because he asked questions and clarifications. It was really easy to reach Jeff. I left a message late at night (didn’t want to wake him up) and he called back two minutes after. Definitely recommend Jeff if you’re looking for a labor lawyer to assist you.


Highly recommended labor lawyer
Got to talk to Jeff regarding a potential case against my ex-boss. Jeff gave great advice on how to deal with the problem I have with my employer – who refused to give me the raise that he promised. He explained to me what my legal options are. He was responsive and answered my call right away. I highly recommend him if you’re looking for a labor attorney in California.


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The Holmes Law Group provides experienced legal guidance and representation in the areas of Wrongful Termination, Retaliation, Harassment & Discrimination, Hostile Work Environment, Unpaid Wages, Unpaid Overtime, Meal & Rest Break Violations Minimum Wage Violations, Whistleblower Claims, PAGA (Private Attorney General Act) Actions and FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) Claims. Located in Los Angeles and serving clients throughout all of California, including Los Angeles, Ventura, Kern, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside, San Diego, and Imperial counties.

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